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  • Cataract Surgery

    Right now there’s no way to deal with cataracts besides actually doing surgery, so despite all sorts of advances in medicine, cataracts remain a surgical disease.


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    <p>&nbsp;Ophthalmologist, discusses cataract surgery.</p>

     Ophthalmologist, discusses cataract surgery.

  • What is Cataract Surgery

    And what that involves is patients have a topical anesthetic that means eye drops put on the surface of the eye, and we do have a procedure where we make a small incision in the surface and use a probe, an ultrasound based probe, to help break up the cataract and take it out of the eye.


    A cataract is a natural part of the aging process that affects the lens of the eye you were born with. As the lens ages, it becomes thicker and can change from a clear structure to a more yellow or cloudy appearance.

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